5 Posts that Will Leave You with a Larger TBR

What every bookworm has: a huge to-be-read pile.

What every bookworm wants: a larger to-be-read pile.

This is an indisputable truth – which is why this post provide you with a list of recommendation posts, written by book bloggers, that will make your TBR explode.

First up, Mahana, who blogs at Sapphic Library, ranked all of the 110 books with sapphic (queer women) characters she’s read so far, and it’s beautiful. This list will no doubt introduce you to many new favorites and reacquaint you with some familiar-looking titles.

Elise, who blogs at The Bookish Actress, also made a list of sapphic books and points out her favorite ones! Yes, this is in the same vein as Mahana’s list, but there is only a little bit of overlap between both posts. Which means this list has more sapphic books you can enjoy! (And honestly, what more can you ask for?)

Charlotte and Anna of Reads Rainbow wrote a post in which they recommended LGBTQIAP+ books with neurodiverse characters. This list is, for many reasons, one everyone should read. Books with neurodiverse characters tend to not get hyped as much as books with characters of other marginalizations, which is why people should buy and support more of them! This list also has books with absolutely swoon-worthy romances on it (The Truth About Keeping Secrets, looking at you), so definitely check it out!

Fadwa, the blogger behind Word Wonders, showcases books with East or South-East Asian main characters and it has authors like Jenny Han, Maureen Goo, and Stacey Lee on it, which is how you know it’s good! There are so many underrated books on here (though how these books are underrated, we shall never know) that deserve all the love, so go forth bookworms and check out…oh, maybe all of them.

Weezie of Weezie’s Whimsical Writing talks about books by native/indigenous authors, and their recommendations include some very interesting books! (Especially The Marrow Thieves, the concept sounds very intriguing.) You don’t want to miss out on these great reads, so hop on over to their blog and read the post!

What did you think of these posts? Spy any favorites on them? Drop them in the comments below!

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Surina is an avid reader who spent most of her childhood buried in books, and who hopes to spend more of her life doing the same. She is perpetually tired and likes to spend her (nonexistent) free time complaining to her dog. Some of her favorite books are Aru Shah and the End of Time, Timekeeper, and The Priory of the Orange Tree. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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